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"Excellent team, great service, and I am now planning another investment with them next year.  Well done guys keep it up."

An Excellent Tax FREE UK Investment Opportunity
 Profitable renewable energy projects that ensure your capital is protected whilst returning annual payments over a medium to long term period.

No Income Tax. No Capital Gains Tax. 
No Inheritance Tax.
Government Backed and fully Insured with asset backed securities in place.
12% income,  paid annually,  supported by long term contracts.

"It was the first time I dealt with a company on-line and at first I was very sceptical at first but the application process and the explanations given have given me confidence to proceed and the fact that I get full ownership gives me peace of mind."

Invest in a Low Risk, Tax Free Investment Opportunity

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The move away from fossil fuels has brought Renewables into the mainstream,  making them a low risk investment for the future.

Best Investment for 2019. Your capital is protected whilst you are receiving annual payments over the medium to long term.

Biomass market is set to double by 2025. Make Renewable Energy a part of your investment portfolio or retirement plan.

Where BioMass starts - IE with a plant
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Different Renewable Energy Resources

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Investment Example:  Invest from £15,000 and receive a return of £25,650 over a 5 year period. 70% Returns in 5 years Tax Free.  All Income is Government backed. 

- Learn about Renewable Energy
- Why invest in Biomass
- Market analysis & Prices
- Investment Highlights
- Security and Insurance Explained

All CX Renewables projects are fully insured and your capital investment is completely protected, adhering to strict investment marketplace compliance standards.

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Tax Free Investment Advice on Renewable Energy
Tax Free Investment Advice on Renewable Energy

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